We use a whole host of different software and outboard at Urban Radio...


We use a variety of microphones including the Neumann TLM 102, Shure SM7B and Beyer Dynamic MCE 86, all fed through 3 Yellowtec VIP 1 Microphone processors.

Our main digital audio workstation (DAW), is Mixcraft and we use Avid Pro Tools and a host of VST 3 plug ins.

This is what makes our radio jingles and DJ drops pop out and cut through so well. Delivery is normally 320 MP3 or .wav.


We have 3 main workstations running Pro-Tools/Mixcraft and Adobe software. We use a myriad of plug-ins, our fave at the moment is Izotope Ozone 8

This gives us the impact in our production.


We monitor on big Tannoy speakers and smaller
Mission speakers fed from a Quad 44/405 . We plug in
Beyer DT250s so as not to wake up the neighbours!

We also have a fully featured radio studio including Technics SL 1200s
and a couple of CDJs.

Just don’t ask us to Beatmix live !