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Radio Adverts for gigs

Radio Adverts for gigs

We do a lot of ads, we always have done since 1999 when we started, successful promoters have always known that audio brings events to life, it creates a vibe that flyers can never replicate.

So what’s different in 2017.

Successful promoters are still getting radio ads made, but how they use them is different. The big change has obviously been social media, instead of placing them on radio stations, the adverts now pop up on timelines alongside the flyer or event info, or as the soundtrack to a simple Youtube promo. These seem to cut through so much better than simple announcements or flat flyers.

With the advent of Community Radio now in the UK you can also get your ad on air legally for a lot less than you probably think, and if you place it right you can communicate directly to your target audience. Here’s a couple of examples, both are for promoters that put on very successful events and they both believe in the power of radio.